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Website Designer
Elero Obaitan


Elero Obaitan trained as an Agricultural Engineer and upon graduation worked as a graphic artist, content developer and 2D/3D computer-aided designer. A chance encounter with the Python programming language led to an interest in a career in web development. He now works as a front-end developer and UI/UX designer in a mostly freelance and contract capacity.

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Elizabeth Addison

Elizabeth Addison is a multi-hyphenated artist whose work exists at the intersection of theatre and recovery. Elizabeth  has written three musicals inspired by her recovery and theatre journey, two of which, "This is Treatment” and “Chasing Grace”,  have been seen all over New England and the Tri-State area. Elizabeth is on the Advisory Board for The Recovery Theatre Project in Sarasota, Florida. Over the last two years, Elizabeth has been co-facilitating Recovery Storytelling workshops and training to become a Recovery Coach. She has just begun her practice as a Creative Recovery Coach with Revolution Recovery where she will work with Artists in recovery. She is consultant for 2nd Act and is thrilled to be overseeing their New Play Development process.

Substance use should be destigmatized.

Society should understand and embrace its role in providing care and healing for those impacted by substance use. 


Individuals with substance use issues, and their families should be supported, feel accepted and acceptable in their community, and recover together.

Those impacted by substance use issues should be treated with dignity and compassion.

Substance Use Disorder should be treated like any other health problem.

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