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Prevention Plays

Our performances are 25-45 minutes long followed by a talkback/Q&A. Our workshops give students the space and tools to combat social pressures and find coping strategies that work for them. Our plays are based on true stories and performed by people in recovery. We have touring troupes in New England, NY & NJ, and OH.

Our work is appropriate for 6th grade and up. We've also performed at conferences, treatment centers, and community events across the country.

I’ll Never Do That

An intimate story of one family's struggles happening behind closed doors. As one of the parents descends deeper into addiction, the rest of the family struggles to cope. This story sheds light on family dynamics, the harrowing path to recovery, and the overwhelming truth that addiction is a “family disease.”

Four Legs to Stand On

Two illnesses are eating at this family’s foundation. Only cancer is allowed a voice at their table. This story exposes the secrecy that shrouds the topic of opioid addiction. Through humor and realism contrasted against hypocrisy this story invites the audience to take a seat at the table and acknowledge our American struggle with addiction. It is as close as family.

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I’ll Be There For You

How addiction can affect friendships, how to talk to someone you love when you feel concerned about their use of alcohol or other drugs, and ultimately, the different pathways to recovery.