Our Beliefs

We envision a world where all stories

are honored and healing is inevitable. 

Our mission is to change the way people and communities respond to the impact of substance use through theatre and drama therapy.

Our Values

Radical Inclusion 

We seek out marginalized and oppressed voices to collaborate, celebrate, amplify, and create work with.

Social Justice

We believe it is our responsibility to use storytelling as a powerful tool for positive action and change in our communities. 


We believe in the transformational nature of creativity and storytelling and its innate ability to provide a pathway for change for individuals and communities.


We work in partnership with community-based organizations and the voices of community members is the heart of our work.


We create honest and authentic narratives that encourage growth, connection and new understandings across diverse communities.


We believe healing happens through storytelling created with empathy, joy, laughter, and love.

Substance use should be destigmatized.

Society should understand and embrace its role in providing care and healing for those impacted by substance use. 


Individuals with substance use issues, and their families should be supported, feel accepted and acceptable in their community, and recover together.

Those impacted by substance use issues should be treated with dignity and compassion.

Substance Use Disorder should be treated like any other health problem.