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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

2nd Act is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion which starts with our trauma-informed work environment where everyone is supported, listened to, and celebrated. We are intentional about engagement that creates an environment of belonging and ensuring that our systems, policies and practices are based on equity, advancement and pathways towards healing.

Diversity, equity and inclusion drives our long term strategy. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our Board of Directors, staff, artists, consultants and volunteers who are of different walks of life, representative of the communities we serve. Our commitment to equity and inclusion is reflected in our committees, training, systems, assessments and programming.


The celebration of individual differences (e.g. personality, learning styles, and life experience) and group/social differences (e.g. race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and ability, as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations).  


The guarantee of fairness in treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all program participants and staff and the identification and elimination of barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups.  


The active, intentional, and ongoing engagement between individuals that creates an environment where people feel they belong, thrive, and are at their best. Inclusion is accomplished by increasing awareness, mutual respect, and trust.  


Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee

  1. Mission: DEI committee is dedicated to promoting and advocating for diversity equity and inclusion both in the workforce of 2nd Act and in the community.

  2. Vision: To see a work and community environment that reflects conscious and intentional diversity, equity and inclusion.

  3. Trainings/Workshops: 

    1. Annual LGBTQI Inclusive Language Training

    2. Prison Reform & Mass Incarceration

    3. Building Race Equity Community

    4. Universal Participation Initiatives on Increasing Accessibility for People with Disabilities

    5. Trans inclusion in the workplace

Recovery Friendly Workplace Committee

  1. Purpose: The RFW Committee supports the organization members who provide services for the organization. The appropriate involvement of the committee members is both critical and expected. They are partners in working with the broader organization to ensure this is a RFW. 

  2. Created a robust resource page for 2nd Act’s website

  3. Created an RFW Manual, which includes a Member Support Policy 

  4. Trainings/Workshops: 

    1. Narcan Training

    2. CRAFT

    3. AWARE; Trauma Informed Care Training

    4. Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention

    5. Stigma & All Pathways to Recovery

Program Initiatives

  • 72% of the students who receive our educational programming identify as non-white, and a substantial amount of our participants identify as LGBTQIA+

  • All of our scripts have been translated into Spanish

  • Our newest play, I’ll Be There For You, is focused on youth BIPOC & LGBTQ+ voices

  • 100% of our actors, teaching artists, and drama therapists have lived experience

  • Our playwrights receive annual royalties

  • Most youth workshops have a focus on social awareness

  • One of our films focuses specifically on the impact of substance use and race

Day to Day Operations

  • Monthly Diversity Equity and Inclusion Staff Meetings to discuss DEI Initiatives, topics and assigned readings.

    • Books we have read and discussed include How to be an AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendi and The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

  • ​​Year-long interns are either paid a stipend or reimbursed for all travel expenses

  • Continued free therapy and recovery planning for staff and contractors

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