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Leandro Castro



Leandro Castro, better known by his stage name "Kufa Castro", is a Queer Afro-Dominican artist based in the city of Providence, RI. Canta Author, rapper, poet and playwright. Kufa has been creating music since 2012. Kufa fuses his history and experience as an afro queer Latinx immigrant in the United States in his music and his poetry. His poetry is the tilling of his experience to keep finding himself, connect to his community, and culture. As a playwright Kufa was co-translator of Rhode Island Latino Arts and Trinity Rep’s production of “The Tempest/La Tempestad” 2018, lead translator and adapter of Comedy of Errors/Comedia de Errores for Brown/Trinity’s MFA Program’s class of 2019 and in the summer of 2019 he was the lead translator and adapter of “Much Ado About Nothing/Tanta Bulla y pa que?”.

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