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September Golden Hour - Peer Drama Therapy Groups

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Corey Flint Photography

Join us on September 27th 7pm EST on Zoom for our September Golden Hour which will be focused on our newest program: Peer Drama Therapy Groups.

At this Golden Hour, you will:

  • Experience first-hand how the Peer Drama Therapy groups work

  • Engage with drama therapeutic exercises

  • Learn what theories underpin our groups approach and effectiveness

  • Discover how our peer drama therapy groups can reduce the following within you and your staff: Sickness, Absence, Psychological injury claims, Job turnover, Compromised quality of care for peers.

Our peer drama therapy groups were created to meet the urgently rising need for mental health resources, especially those related to Secondary Traumatic Stress. Creative interventions utilized in a safe environment under the guidance of a drama therapist in recovery creates an environment in which peers support one another to promote wellbeing and ongoing recovery.

We hope to see you there!

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