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Naloxone is an act of love.

The Naloxone is an Act of Love productions were supported in part by the New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) by way of Brown University School of Public Health and by the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) on Opioids and Overdose. The vision was a collaborative effort between Ana Bess Moyer Bell from 2nd Act, Geoff Capraro from Brown Emergency Medicine. Angela Jiawen Li, Isabel Astrachan from Brown University and Rachel Baugh from the University of Georgia served as interns on this project. 

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The goal of this pilot campaign is to reduce stigma surrounding the use of Naloxone and those who experience an opioid overdose along with encouraging viewers to get trained in and carry Naloxone. Geoff and Ana Bess collaborated with Brown’s SciToons program to create the opioid overdose rescue training video featured below so that anyone, anywhere can learn more about opioids, naloxone, and the signs of overdose and simple actions needed to save a life. Also featured on 2nd Act Digital are two unique narrative videos that bring to life how Naloxone helps save everyday lives and truly can be used as an act of love between friends. The target group for these videos are 18-25 year olds. These two narrative videos were a collaboration between the before mentioned team and Joseph Phommasith of JaiCG Public Relations Company.

Opioid Overdose Rescue: 5 Ways to Save a Life

Each day in the United States, over 120 people die from an opioid overdose. But did you know that many of these deaths are preventable? You could be the one to save a life! When someone nearby is experiencing an overdose, your awareness and action can prevent serious injury or death. So what are opioids, how can you recognize an overdose, and how can you effectively intervene?

This video was created in collaboration with the SciToons creation group at Brown University with support from the New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center. 

Narrative Videos

Posters and Coasters

Promotional sticker poster and coaster designs with QR code leading to the informational and narrative videos.

Designed by Angela Jiawen Li.

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